(FR) Guide d’architecture moderne et contemporaine 1899-2017. Tournai & Wallonie picarde

Author: Charlotte Lheureux and Bernard Wittevrongel (red.)

Publisher: Mardaga - Cellule Architecture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Brussels (2017)

Dimensions 17x24 cm

Pages: 338

Language: French

ISBN: 9782804704285

The 3rd issue of the Modern and contemporary architecture guide is devoted to Tournai and Wallonie picarde. It invites you to look at architecture differently. It presents a selection of more than 250 projects commented by more than 40 authors and illustrated by the photographer Marie-Barbara Dits. The projects are also illustrated with plans and located on maps. Modest programs or major accomplishments, private commissions and public buildings, they are the fruit of modernity revisited in each period by the architects, from Art Nouveau until today.

This issue is produced in partnership with the Faculty of LOCI under the directory of Charlotte Lheureux and Bernard Wittevrongel.


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