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JOIN DOCOMOMO Belgium and you become part of the growing worldwide effort to identify, record and protect architecture and urban design of the Modern Movement.

DOCOMOMO 11th International Conference Mexico, August 28, 2010DOCOMOMO Belgium is an all-volunteer organization with a growing base of members and a dedicated core group of volunteers who make everything happen. We need the resources to make the events & activities possible, to develop and maintain this website. That’s why DOCOMOMO Belgium is always looking for supporters, private sponsors.

Also your due as paying member can make the difference!

Your benefits as member of DOCOMOMO Belgium are discounts on DOCOMOMO Belgium tours, event fees and Belgian publications. In the future the benefits will increase (e.g. member login at the website gives access to our database).
As member of DOCOMOMO Belgium + International you will also receive the DOCOMOMO Journal (an international-focused scholarly journal published twice a year), discounts on all DOCOMOMO international publications and reduced registration to the biennial international conference.

Subscriptions (annual):

Belgium only Belgium + International
Individual €30 €80 (incl. €60 Int.)
Individual supporting member from €50 from €100 (incl. €60 Int.)
Student (-26) €15 €40 (incl. €30 Int.)
Institutional* €150 €400 (incl. €300 Int.)
Firm & company* €600 €1700 (incl. €1500 Int.)

(*) You will also enjoy the sponsorship benefits.
For more information about the sponsor formulas contact us and we will send you the sponsor dossier.

ATTENTION new bank account number (Docomomo Belgium Brussel-Vlaanderen vzw): BE76523081443295 (Triodos)

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  • (1) Fill in if you would likte to receive a billing invoice.
  • (1) Fill in if you would like to receive a billing invoice.
    Belgian Membership = "To support DOCOMOMO Belgium including discount on DOCOMOMO Belgium events"
    International + Belgian Membership = "As Belgian membership plus twice-yearly DOCOMOMO Journal and discount on events and publications of DOCOMOMO International."