DOCOMOMO Belgium is working on his first project:
The ‘virtual exhibition’ of Modern Movement heritage in Belgium, online now!

Visit the interactive map on and watch here the teaser

DOCOMOMO Be films the former printing house of "Le Peuple" (1930), Brussels

DOCOMOMO Be films the former printing house of “Le Peuple” (1930), Brussels

The virtual exhibition consists of an interactive map linked to project pages of MoMo heritage. The online initiative gives an overview of this heritage and will principally pay attention to the current situation and the debate about preserving it.

We start with a selection of 19 MoMo masterpieces. Later on new projects will be added to the interactive map. Therefore DOCOMOMO Belgium is working together with different institutes and archives.
First we will focus on an overview of the architectural MoMo heritage in Belgium, later on it can grow internationally!
At the moment DOCOMOMO Belgium received subsidies from the Flemish government to work out this exhibition for Brussels and Flanders.

This ‘virtual exhibition’ project is realized with the support of the Flemish authorities.