DOCOMOMO Belgium is the Belgian committee of the international non-profit organization for the DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the MOdern MOvement.



Sanatorium Zonnestraal, Hilversum (NL) © s. voeten / m. kievits

The complex restoration of sanatorium Zonnestraal (J. Duiker, 1926/1931) was one of the main causes to initiate DOCOMOMO

Since its creation in 1988, DOCOMOMO has experienced a rapid growth, establishing itself as a major player not only in the realm of conservation, but also in the broader field of architectural culture.

The interdisciplinary organization brings together historians, (interior)architects, engineers, town-planners, landscape architects, conservationists, teachers, students and public officials.

At present, DOCOMOMO International includes 77 national/regional working parties (chapters) and more than 3,000 members worldwide. and has six International Specialist Committees (ISC) comprised of experts on Registers, Technology, Urbanism+Landscape, Education+Training, Interior Design, Publications.
The DOCOMOMO International secretariat is presently hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, The Netherlands).

Read more about DOCOMOMO International, International Specialist Committees and the national chapters worldwide on the WORLDWIDE-page.

II. Our main goals

DOCOMOMO´s main goals are brought together in the Eindhoven statement which was issued at the conclusion of the founding conference in 1990.  It was updated in Seoul, 2014, where it was approved the Eindhoven-Seoul Statement.
DOCOMOMO Belgium’s main goals are based on these statements:

– Bring the significance of the (interior)architecture of the Modern Movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community concerned with the built environment.
– Identify and promote the surveying of the works of the Modern Movement.
– Promote the conservation and (re)use of buildings and sites of the Modern Movement.
– Stimulate & encourage  appropriate techniques and methods of conservation & restoration of modern heritage
– Develop initiatives to oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works of the Modern Movement
– Foster & facilitate partnerships in research (concerning architecture, urbanism and design related to buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the 20th century)  between  universities, schools, institutes and private institutions.
– Attract funding for documentation conservation and (re)use
– Explore and develop new ideas for the future of a sustainable built environment based on the past experiences of the Modern Movement.
– Contribute to the objectives of DOCOMOMO International

III. Formalization DOCOMOMO Belgium

former printing house ‘Le Peuple’, Brussels © DOCOMOMO Belgium

The a.s.b.l. & v.z.w. were officially founded by May 2, 2011 at ‘Casa de Asturias’ former printing house ‘Le Peuple’, Brussels (M. & F. Brunfaut, 1930/1932)

Since May 2011 DOCOMOMO Belgium is a joint organisation of DOCOMOMO Belgium Bruxelles-Wallonie a.s.b.l. and DOCOMOMO Belgium Brussel-Vlaanderen v.z.w.

A member of “DOCOMOMO Belgium Bruxelles-Wallonie” is a member of the “DOCOMOMO Belgium Brussel-Vlaanderen” and the other way around. By joining one of these organisations, you will automatically become a member of DOCOMOMO Belgium and receive any information related to both the a.s.b.l. and the v.z.w.

Download here the protocol in French or Dutch.
The protocol describes how the a.s.b.l. & v.z.w. are linked and work together as DOCOMOMO Belgium.

Download the statutes in French (a.s.b.l.) or Dutch (v.z.w.):
DOCOMOMO Belgium Bruxelles-Wallonie a.s.b.l.
DOCOMOMO Belgium Brussel-Vlaanderen v.z.w. 

principal seat of the a.s.b.l. and the v.z.w.:
Prudent Bolslaan 139
B-1020 Brussels

IV. Who’s Who in DOCOMOMO Belgium

Board of Governors

chair: Zsuzsanna Böröcz
vice chair: Veronique Boone
honorary chair: Marc Dubois
treasurer: Sabine Inghelram
secretary: Marie Moors
board member & webmaster: Brecht Van Duppen
board members: Jean-Marc Basyn,
Matthias Bunneghem,
Maurizio Cohen,
Chiara Fucelli,
Giulia Marino,
Sander Van Duppen,
Marc Dubois

Executive Committee

chair: Zsuzsanna Böröcz
vice chair: Veronique Boone
treasurer: Sabine Inghelram
secretary: Marie Moors