13th International DOCOMOMO Conference Seoul

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The 13th International DOCOMOMO Conference has been a great success.
The Conference, site under the theme “Expansion and Conflict”, took place in Seoul, Korea, between 24 and 27 September 2014.

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The first Conference day opened with an inspiring keynote lecture by Jong Soung Kimm, Hubert-Jan Henket closed the day with an enthusing keynote speech.

Fumihiko Maki opened the second Conference day with a moving Keynote speech. In the afternoon, the 13th DOCOMOMO Council Meeting approved five new DOCOMOMO working parties. Zara Ferreira was elected as General Secretary of DOCOMOMO International. The 14th International DOCOMOMO Conference (2016) was approved to be held in Lisbon, under the theme of “Adaptative Re-Use”. Moreover, the DOCOMOMO International Specialist Committee on Publications was re-created and a new DOCOMOMO statement, the Eindhoven-Seoul Statement 2014, was approved.
After the keynote speech by Mark Sexton, the second day ended with an open meeting to discuss DOCOMOMO future challenges concerning Sustainability. A DOCOMOMO International Specialist Committee on Sustainability will be created, and everyone is invited to participate with ideas.

A very inspiring round table was held on third Conference day. The aim was to getter new chapters with Asian Working Parties, in order to discuss sustainability as a keyword for DOCOMOMO´s future. Furthermore, in the Closing ceremony DOCOMOMO International awarded Marieke Kuipers with the DOCOMOMO International Achievement Award 2014, in recognition for her 20 years of dedication and commitment. Last, but not least DOCOMOMO International launched the Docomomo Journal 50 on High Density.

DOCOMOMO International invites you to further participate in the 14th International DOCOMOMO Conference that will take place in Lisbon, between 6 and 9 September 2016.

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Facebook Photographic Report of the Conference
Facebook Photographic Report of the DOCOMOMO Tours Seoul on 24, 28 and 29 September 2014

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Facebook Photographic Report of the DOCOMOMO Tours Japan on 28 September-1 October 2014

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Proceedings of the 13th Docomomo International Conference Seoul – Expansion & Conflict:
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ISC News & REPORTS 2012-2014:

ISC/Sustainability: Call for Ideas

isc sustainability 2014 call for ideasHubert-Jan Henket, honorary President of DOCOMOMO International, and Ana Tostões, Chair of DOCOMOMO International, believe that a DOCOMOMO International Specialist Committee on Sustainability must be created, in order to address the DOCOMOMO future challenges, formulating new ideas for the future of the built environment based on past experiences of the Modern Movement.

DOCOMOMO International challenges everybody interested in participating on it, to send to docomomo@tecnico.ulisboa your ideas and suggestions, until 6 January 2015.

Please watch the motivating message by Hubert-Jan Henket.



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