The 7th WTA Colloquium – Maintenance of Concrete Buildings.

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COLLOQUIUM | 10.06.2022 | Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Strategies for the Conservation of Historic Concrete Structures

Concrete heritage buildings from the 20th century are at risk, due to the absence of recognition of the historic values of these buildings as well as to the lack of knowledge of the specific characteristics of historic concrete structures. Frequently, solutions developed for repair of contemporary structures are applied to historic concrete buildings, resulting in interventions which are neither compatible nor durable.

The scope of the lectures ranges from the possibilities of new investigation methods and procedures of condition assessment, from the application of innovative materials to the use of heritage precast concrete elements. In addition, main results from relevant case studies are presented.

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The Colloquium aims at providing building owners, employees from planning and engineering offices, construction companies, concrete experts, architects and representatives of authorities, with the latest developments in the field of conservation of concrete historic buildings, as resulting from practice and from international research projects.

On behalf of the organizing team, the members of WTA – International (TC5 Concrete) and of the
JPI-CH CONSECH20 project, we cordially invite you to the 7th Colloquium WTA – Strategies for the Conservation of Historic Concrete Buildings and Structures.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Delft!

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