DOCOMOMO Turkey Modern Interior Committee was established!

By DOCOMOMO Belgium / October, 30, 2020 / 0 comments

DOCOMOMO Turkey Modern Interior Committee was established!

To comprehend the Modern Movement and develop a holistic and more inclusive point of view on the spatial, ideological and aesthetic aspects of modern living culture, there is a great need for work on interior space. On the basis of this need; The “Modern Interior Committee” was established with the aim of expanding the studies on discussing, documenting and preserving the modern heritage by focusing on the scale of the interior and creating a more pluralistic statement. The Committee aims to investigate interior spaces historically, culturally, geographically or thematically in order to comprehend the role of interior in the scope of the Modern Movement and explain the importance of preserving it, to present interior space as a research area where many disciplines meet.

“Modern Interior Committee” aims to associate the “Modern Interiors” specific to Turkey with an international context, to transfer and disseminate “Modern Interiors” in the field of education, and to establish the relationship of “Modern Interiors” with today’s context by following the main objectives of DOCOMOMO International.

The founding members of “The Modern Interiors Committee” are, Umut Şumnu (Başkent University), Deniz Hasırcı (İzmir University of Economics), Zeynep Tuna Ultav (Yaşar University), with T. Elvan Altan (Middle East Technical University) as the Docomomo_Tr executive board representative. Committee members are, Gülnur Ballice (Yaşar University), Ebru Aydeniz (Yaşar University), Pınar Sezginalp (Özyeğin University), Güliz Küçüktaşdemir (Başkent University), Selim Sertel Öztürk (Başkent University), Hande Atmaca Çetin (İzmir University of Economics), Selcan Dökmen Aykaş (Başkent University), Merve Çelebi (Yaşar University), Selin Güngör (Yaşar University), Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk (İzmir University of Economics), Cihat Çağlar (TED University), and Deniz Avcı-Hosanlı (Bilkent University). The committee works can be followed on Instagram: docomomo_tr_interior and Twitter: docomomo_tr_interior.

source: Docomomo Turkey