Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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TALK/DEBATE | Thu 14.11.2019, 19:30-22:00 | CIVA, Brussels

Circularity, maintenance, reuse … we find these words everywhere, but what do they stand for in practice? How and with whom? What are the issues of circularity on the construction site? Two years ago, a debate organised by CIVA and BMA raised questions about whether to maintain or destroy buildings built in Brussels less than 30 years ago. Today, let’s go a little further: how to really maintain a building? What does the word circularity cover? What are its obstacles? Challenges?


Kristiaan Borret | BMA bouwmeester maître architecte
Wes Degreef on USQUARE | BC architects & studies (20′)
Tomas Ooms on MULTI | CONIX RDBM Architects (’20)
Harold Fallon (tbc) on TAKEDA | AgwA architecture (’20)


Wes Degreef | BC architects
Tomas Ooms | Conix RDBM
Harrold Fallon | AgwA (tbc)
Lionel Billiet | Rotor
Isabelle Sobotka | Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel, coordin. PREC / construction
Filip Van de Voorde | UTIL Struktuurstudies
Myriam Stoffen | Zinneke

Langues: FR / NL
Place: CIVA
Tickets: free entrance
Coproduction: BMA bouwmeester maître architecte

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