Radically Modern. Urban Planning and Architecture in 1960´s Berlin

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EXHIBITION | 29 May – 26 October 2015 | Berlinische Galerie, stuff Berlin (Germany)

Radically Modern. Urban Planning and Architecture in 1960s Berlin
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The exhibition “Radically Modern. Urban planning and architecture in 1960´s Berlin” addresses urban planning and buildings that have developed in the western and eastern areas of Berlin during the 60s that have shaped the urban landscape of the city to the present day.

“Architecture and urban design from the sixties shape Berlin´s cityscape to this day.

Significant urban planning decisions were taken in that decade and there arose numerous, striking architectural works, which are now at risk. This exhibition is the first detailed overview of the plans and buildings developed in East and West Berlin, stimulating a re-evaluation of this contentious period of construction.”

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