Pre-event: Reconstructing Modern interiors – 18th International Docomomo Conference

By DOCOMOMO Belgium / September, 4, 2023 / 0 comments

The first online-pre-event of the Chili International Docomomo Conference ‘Reconstructing Modern interiors’ (streamed live on 22nd of August 2023) can be watched again online here on Youtube.
Our chair Zsuzsanna Böröcz was one of the speakers at the first pre-event.

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Speakers of the first pre-event:
Zsuzsanna Böröcz. (Domomomo International Specialist Committee on Interior Design Co-Chair, Docomomo Belgium).
Marta Peixoto. (Domomomo International Specialist Committee on Interior Design Secretary. Docomomo Brazil, PROPAR UFRGS).
Anita Puig (Docomomo Chile)

The challenge of researching and reusing interiors, often detached from their architectural exteriors, introduces a methodological complexity encompassing a range of questions that extend beyond the immediate subject. Questions about the dissociation between use (actual or past), the artistic meaning of the designer, and the design process are variables that need to be considered as part of the research itself. These variables impact directly the process of reuse, and conservation and must include intangible aspects such as the emotional attachment. The presence of intangible aspects further underscores the necessity to contemplate the information sources feeding the study and the pivotal role archives play in safeguarding interior spaces. In its essence, the study and repurposing of interiors encompass a harmonious fusion of objective investigation and subjective interpretation, where historical, cultural, and emotional dimensions coalesce.

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