Final Call: oDOMOs Come and join us to the International Architectural Workshop!

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INT. STUDENT WORKSHOP | 26 July to 4 August, 2021 | online

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Virtual study abroad experience under the COVID-19 era

Online Docomomo international School, namely oDOMOs are newly set up this summer to open a 10-day-workshop to provide an unique online/interactive learning opportunity for architectural students worldwide. The workshop focuses on Daikan-yama Hillside Terrace, iconic urban architecture designed by Fumihiko Maki in the heart of Tokyo. You will learn Maki’s philosophy how it was developed through local and historical contexts of the area, and the method called “Collective Form” is reflected in real life. What and how can the collective form bring about to the future of architectural design? Students will look into the key concepts of sustainability and resilience for architecture and urbanism in the 21st century by developing your own project.

The workshop program includes research and design workshops, discussions with 8 students per group and 3 tutors, and a series of lectures everyday during the workshop.

Lecturers include, but not limited to, Fumihiko Maki, Peter Cook (University College London), Thomas Daniell (Kyoto University), Theodore Prudon (Columbia University GSAPP), Hidenobu Jinnai (Hosei University), Teruyuki Monnai (Osaka University of Arts), Wim Wenders (Film director, provisional) and others. Group tutors include Wessel de Jonge (TU Delft), Daniela Arnaut (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon University), Rémi Papillault (University of Toulouse), Yasutaka Yoshimura (Waseda University) and others.

This is a great opportunity to get international knowledge and connections. All the activities will take place online, but for participants living in Tokyo, there will be on-site research and face-to-face group work based in Daikan-yama (depending on the COVID-19 situation).

If you participate in the preparatory work before and during the workshop, the registration fee will be waived.

For more information and registration:

Students who would like to take part in the preparatory survey and be exempted from the registration fee should indicate this on the application form.

Application deadline: Wed., 10 June 2021

 -Dates –

Mon., 26 July – Wed., 4 August 2021