New DOCOMOMO Journals 66 and 67 available online

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DOCOMOMO International is pleased to present the DOCOMOMO Journal issues No. 66 and No. 67, digitally available online. Physical copies will soon be shipped to our Members worldwide.

DOCOMOMO Journal 66 – Modern Plastic Heritage combines the spirit of the multi-facetted technology dossiers into a fully-fledged journal bridging documentation and conservation. Focus of the journal is on plastic and synthetic materials in building and interior design contexts. This Docomomo Journal 66 is the result of collaboration between the docomomo International Specialist Committees of Technology and that of Interior Design bridging the disciplines from product to interior design and to architecture. It is an expression of the broadened dialogue within docomomo International. The issue was guest edited by Zsuzsanna Böröcz, Robert Loader and Silvia Naldini. It is the translation of the first public event of our ISC-ID which took place in 2017 (TU Delft) and in 2018 (University of Antwerp). Besides the fact that on the cover the first front façade (Centre Démocrate Humaniste, architects Aerts and Ramon, 1964-66) made of polymers in Brussels is displayed on the cover, the Journal has also quite a few contributions by Belgian researchers on topics related partially or entirely to Belgium: Collecting Plastics is collecting Design History. Conservation practices in museums by Zsuzsanna Böröcz; Plastic Furniture in post-war Belgium: The Case of Meurop (1958-1980) by Katarina Serulus and Plastic Finishes in 1960’s Belgian Office Buildings by Nick Serneels, Philippe Lamineur and Marieke Jaenen.

Hereby we also would like to thank our colleagues from Belgium, Els De Vos and Eva Storgaard, who have always been very supportive of the working of this young ISC and the University of Antwerp which has been a generous host for our events.

DOCOMOMO Journal 67 – Multiple Modernities in Ukraine reflects on the different influences and forms of Modern Movement in Ukraine during the 20th Century. This issue provides an overview of buildings and sites and the threat that this modern heritage encounters as it is not listed at a national or international level in times of the ongoing war. The presentation of DOCOMOMO Journal 67 will take place under the Triennale der Moderne on December 17, 15:30, together with the finissage of the exhibition series “Modernism in Ukraine.”

DOCOMOMO Journals 66 and 67, as well as all previous issues, are open access and available to read in our archives.

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