visit: Liturgical Renewal & Modern Architecture after Vatican II


Bustour & interieurbezoeken | NU zaterdag 22.04.2017 | 10:00-18:30 | busstation Brussel-Zuid (maximum 30 deelnemers, INSCHRIJVEN voor vrijdag 21.04)
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Onze gidsen:
Sven Sterken en Eva Weyns (KUL)


Bus tour & visites intérieures | CE samedi 22.04.2017 | 10:00-18:30 | gare routière Bruxelles-Midi (30 participants maximum, INSCRIRE avant vendredi 21.04)
DOCOMOMO Be-membre €19/ non-membre €34

Nos guides:
Sven Sterken et Eva Weyns (KUL)



10:00 | Start Brussels South Bus station

10:45 Monastère de l’Alliance des Bénédictines de Rixensart, Roger Bastin, 1964-1969. One of Bastin’s masterpieces, clearly illustrating the towering impact of Le Corbusier’s brutalist Couvent de la Tourette upon religious construction in the early 1960s.

Monastère de l’Alliance © Eric de Séjournet

12:00 | Saint Pie Church, Ottignies (Pierre Pinsart, 1958). Designed by the French architect Pierre Pinsard, this chapel was originally attached to the Pavilion of the Holy See at the 1958 Brussels World Fair.

St Pie Church ©

13:00 | Lunch at Kaminsky Leuven (more soon)
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14:15 | Don Bosco Community Centre, Kessel-Lo (Marc Dessauvage, 1966-1970). A radical example of the redefinition of the parish church as a community centre in the service of local associations and communal life, designed by one of the finest architects in 1960s Belgium.

Don Bosco Community Centre © Google

15:30St Carolus’ church, Holsbeek (Marc Dessauvage, 1964-1969). The epitome of the house-church as it became popular in the 1960s: no longer a monument dedicated to a triumphant God but a modest piece of religious infrastructure designed to act “as a house amongst other houses”.

© Sven Sterken
St Carolus’ Church © Sven Sterken

16:15Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Haacht (Paul Felix & Jan Tanghe, 1958-1961). No more than a simple orthogonal box at first sight, the simplicity of this design required great architectural and engineering skill nonetheless. Its location and surroundings are exemplary for the relentless urbanization of the rural areas in 1960s Belgium.

OLV Perpetual Help Church ©

17:00St Lambert’s Church, Muizen (Lucien Engels). The sole religious building by an overtly  socialist architect, this church is an architectural poem of space and light with great respect for the ruins of the previous (bombed) church and the scale the intimate village square it broders.

St Lambert’s Church ©

18:30 | Arrival Brussels South Bus Station (possibility to drop off people at Mechelen train station)

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