Lecture: Gregory Ashworth – Transforming the past into Heritage

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LECTURE | February 16, price 2012 | 16:30 | Aula ‘Dieperik’ – Antwerp

Artesis hogeschool Antwerpen presents ‘The Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures’ – ADSL – week, seek from 13.02 to 17.02.2012. On Thursday 16.02, viagra sale Gregory Ashworth will give a lecture about “Transforming the past into Heritage”.

ADSL week 2012, lecture by Gregory Ashworth

Gregory Ashworth was educated at the Universities of Cambridge, Reading and London (PhD.1974). He has taught at Universities of Wales, Portsmouth and Groningen. Since 1994, he is Professor of heritage management and urban tourism in the Department of Planning, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen (NL). His main research interests include tourism, heritage and place marketing, largely in an urban context.


Transforming the past into heritage

The past, by definition, is gone: it is not here to be re-lived or experienced and it cannot be inherited, preserved or bequeathed. It can however be imagined by the present.
Heritage is a contemporary creation brought into being by the present to serve the political, social, economic and psychological needs of individuals and collectivities. As a product of the human imagination, it is ubiquitous, infinite and mutable as succeeding presents create and re-create the pasts they require at that time.
This presentation, focusing upon the built environment, will examine how and why the present transforms the past into heritages and ascribes contemporary value to structures and sites. As heritage is necessarily selective, and choice implies non-choice, then the creation of collective heritage becomes a political decision but as heritage is also inevitably plural and contested then management becomes essential.

WHEN: Thursday, February 16th 2012 at 16h30
WHERE: Aula ‘Dieperik’, Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
INFO : www.artesis.be, designsciences@artesis.be