International Congress: Symbolic Spaces of the Modernity

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Congress | 10-12th October 2014 | Covarrubias, discount Burgos, cialis Spain

Espacios Simbólicos de la Modernidad
(Symbolic Spaces of the Modernity)

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A symbol is a representation of an idea perceptive to our senses, containing features associated to socially accepted conventions. Modern architecture is full of symbols. These symbols are noticeable when a project is born, throughout its development and through the multiple interpretations a work of architecture may suggest. The present congress “Symbolic Spaces of the Modernity” proposes the symbolic character present in contemporary religious places, architectures or buildings as a theme of reflexion and debate, but it also seeks to draw the attention to constructions that are not related specifically to a mystic use but where the symbolic force transcends simple pragmatism.

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Keynote Speakers Confirmed
Darío Álvarez Álvarez
Juan Herreros
José Ignacio Linazasoro
Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Extended deadline for articles submission
June 15, 2014

Deadline for speakers registration
June 1, 2014