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EXPO, TOURS, LECTURES | 13.01-31.12.2018 | Brussels

A score of Brussels’ cultural institutions have teamed up for you to (re)discover Victor Horta from every angle, bringing you a line-up of activities of unprecedented quality and quantity linked to this famous architect to look forward to throughout 2018: exhibitions, guided tours, educational activities, organised activities and more. Join us to commemorate the work of this extraordinary architect!



BANAD – Brussels Art Nouveau and Art Deco Festival
10/03/2018- 25/03/2018
A festival dedicated to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, where this year’s theme is: “Hidden treasures and focus on Victor Horta”. The programme includes a whole range of activities for discovering the wonders of these two architectural styles: visits to exceptional Art Nouveau and Art Deco interiors, guided tours on foot, by coach and by bike, concerts, exhibitions, cultural events and more.

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– Series of talks about Victor Horta (Muntpunt)
08.05.2018 – Victor Horta en het Japonisme (Jos Vandenbreeden) NL
15.05.2018 – Restaureren – Herbestemmen – Actualiseren van Victor Horta’s erfgoed (Barbara Van der Wee) NL
22.05. 2018 – Vivre Exclusivement ! (Michel Gilbert, owner of Victor Horta Houses) FR

– Series of talks about Victor Horta and the Wolfers Store (The Cinquantenaire Museum (RMAH))
10.12.2017 – Werner Adriaenssens, conservator, on ‘Winkel Wolfers’ (NL)
17.12.2017 – Werner Adriaenssens, conservateur, on ‘Magasin Wolfers’ (FR)
04.03. 2018 –Barbara van der Wee, architect-restaurateur, on ‘De restauratie van de Winkel Wolfers’ (NL)


Exceptional interiors and stunning exteriors; tour guides can’t wait to show you Brussels’ Art Nouveau gems!

– Totally Horta
26/05/2018 – 24/11/2018
The ARAU offers a coach tour dedicated exclusively to the Belgian master of Art Nouveau: Victor Horta. This is a unique opportunity to gain deeper insight into the work of this talented architect by visiting some of his works, among others: a mansion and an old textile warehouse (the former Waucquez warehouses, currently housing the Belgian Comic Strip Centre).
9h45 in EN / 10h00 in FR
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– Art Nouveau Masterpieces (on foot)
13/01/2018 – 31/12/2018
These tours open the doors to magnificent Art Nouveau townhouses and mansions and allow visitors to enter the magnificent interiors that are usually closed to the public and discover all their architectural wealth.
For each interior a visit of 1 hour, Departure possible at 10.30, 11.00, 12.00 or 13.30.
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– Hotel van Eetvelde – Luxurious Well-being  In The Squares Neighborhood
As Secretary General of the Congo, van Eetvelde strives for a luxurious residence. As a progressive-liberal person, he turns to Victor Horta for the design.
The opulent interior, bathed in light, offers views of the Squares and the ponds.
The layout of the landscape park is reflected in Horta’s unusual design of the house.
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Discover here all the exhibitions about Victor Horta’s life and work.

– Light in the work of Victor Horta: from the Hotel Tassel to the Central station
21/03/2018 – 01/07/2018
The evocation of nature and rational construction inspired by nature are the basic building blocks of Victor Horta’s architecture and of the living environment of its inhabitants and users. By placing a light metallic frame at the heart of his architecture, he opens up spaces and creates an extraordinary method for capturing daylight and at the same time creating a stunning Chiaroscuro effect that plays with light and darkness. The exhibition revisits the work of Victor Horta through the theme of light, from the Hotel Tassel to the Central Station.
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– The Pavilion of Human Passions – The first building constructed by Victor Horta in Brussels
24/03/2018 – 28/10/2018
In 1890, Victor Horta was entrusted the task of designing a building to house the monumental marble relief “Human Passions” by the sculptor Jef Lambeaux. The architect had trouble curbing the sculptor’s desire to leave his mark on the building’s architecture. But the result was breathtaking: although classical at first sight, the building turned out to be very innovative and clearly announced the emergence of Art Nouveau.
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Horta in one thousand five hundred pictures: online exhibition
The photo library of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels) houses over 1,500 photos illustrating almost the complete works of Victor Horta.
Visit www.balat.kikirpa.be/horta to discover his masterpieces, including the long disappeared Maison du Peuple, Hôtel Aubecq and Salle Cousin.


source: visit.brussels