Design for the Soviet Space Programme

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EXHIBITION | 27 June – 15 November 2015 | Frankfurt, generic Germany

Design for the Soviet Space Programme – Galina Balashova

201510Archiv Galina Balaschowa 1“This monographic exhibition on the oeuvre of Russian architect Galina Balashova presents a unique collection of design proposals for the Soviet cosmonautical program: plans and construction drawings for Soyuz capsules and for the Salyut and Mir space stations. Balashova acted as a consultant for the Buran program, order the Soviet counterpart to the US space shuttle. With her search for harmony and beauty, order Galina Balashova lent the high-tech world of booster rockets, laboratories and life-support systems an emotional touch. We therefore have Balashova’s talent to thank for adding an important, rich chapter to construction history: cosmonautic architecture. Her extraordinary artistic oeuvre, and it includes designs for medals and awards, is to date hardly known inside Russia. Let Galina Balashova whisk you away into a world of architecture where gravity has been replaced by weightlessness.”

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