Conference: STREMAH 2015: 14th International Conference on Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture

By DOCOMOMO Belgium / May, 13, 2015 / 0 comments

CONFERENCE | 13-15 July 2015 | Coruna, clinic Spain

STREMAH 2015 is the 14th International Conference on Studies, generic Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture.


The importance of retaining the built cultural heritage cannot be overstated. Rapid development and the inappropriate conservation techniques are threatening many unique sites in different parts of world. This conference aims to provide the necessary scientific knowledge required to formulate regulatory policies, to ensure effective ways of preserving the architectural heritage. Because of that the series has been successful and continues to attract a wide range of high quality contributions since it started in 1989.

The meeting addresses a series of topics related to the historical aspects and the reuse of heritage buildings, as well as technical issues on the structural integrity of different types of buildings, such as those constructed with materials as varied as iron and steel, concrete, masonry, wood or earth. Restoration processes require the appropriate characterisation of those materials, the modes of construction and the structural behaviour of the building.

This conference brings together contributions from scientists, architects, engineers and restoration experts from all over the world dealing with different aspects of heritage buildings.

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