Call for Abstracts – DOCOMOMO Journal. Learning from Modern Movement Interiors in Times of Crisis

By DOCOMOMO Belgium / June, 25, 2023 / 0 comments

DOCOMOMO International is pleased to announce the Call for Abstracts for a special issue of the Docomomo Journal dedicated to the functioning and experience of the modern interior in times of crisis, gained through a variety of insightful perspectives from around the world. (deadline update: 30th June, 2023)

We are seeking contributions based on scientific research of Modernism’s theoretical foundations as well as of its practices, its tangible legacy and its most appropriate sustainable conservation techniques from all continents, but especially from the Far and Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Baltic Countries. We encourage papers which discuss the modern heritage as an interplay between what was thought and written and what was built and crafted, focusing on its conservation and its legacy. Multidisciplinary approaches on, for instance, materials in combination with complex and multi-layered, underlying ideas such as on machines to lighten labour and increase efficiency, the creation of conditions for leisure and personal development would gain our favour. How current, challenging and essential are these idea(l)s and the search for ways to achieve them, not only in relation to the private home, schools, care homes or hospitals, but to our entire environment?

From the perspective of the Docomomo International Specialists Committee on Interior Design, it seems extremely relevant to consider these issues with reference to the Modern Movement. We thereby propose to focus on ‘interior qualities’ in the sense of all qualities related experience – whether indoor or outdoor –, thus avoiding the narrow interpretation of the interior.

This is an open call for academics and practitioners with interest in the subject to contribute to this special issue of the Docomomo Journal with:

– articles (documentation, technical and conservation issues, case studies),

– essays and interviews,

– best practice cases involving endangered heritage,

– tributes and book reviews.

This Docomomo Journal is guest edited by Zsuzsanna Böröcz and Deniz Hasirci.

Scientific Committee: the guest editors and members of the Specialist Committee on Publishing of Docomomo International.

After double-blind peer review the contributions for this special issue will be selected by the guest editors in cooperation with the editorial team of the Docomomo Journal. The Docomomo Journal is Open Access and indexed by Scopus and DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals among others (

Please, send us your abstract of 300 words and 100 word CV in English, accompanied by maximum three illustrations (300 dpi) to the OJS system by 30 June, 2023. The schedule for the launch of this special issue of Docomomo Journal will be defined after examination of the received material.

This publication is based upon work of the Specialist Committee of Interior Design of Docomomo International in the context of the series of debates entitled ‘Modernism Frozen, Urbanism and Architecture under/after Covid-19’

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