Call for Abstracts – DOCOMOMO International Special Issues

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Call for Abstracts – DOCOMOMO Special Issue “Origins of Modernity”

Special issue of DOCOMOMO Journal dedicated to the research, work and friendship of two extraordinary, yet internationally almost unknown modernist architects from former Yugoslavia, Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt. Deadline for uploading 300-word abstract and CV to the OJS system by 31.10.22. Guest edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nataša Koselj, DOCOMOMO Slovenia and Dr. Mejrema Zatrić, DOCOMOMO Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Call for Abstracts – DOCOMOMO Special Issue on Middle Class Mass Housing

Call for Abstracts for a special issue of the DOCOMOMO Journal dedicated to the investigation and comparison of Middle Class Mass Housing in Europe (MCMH-EU) since the 1950s. MCMH has been generally underestimated in urban and architectural studies and there is still a lack of comparative analysis and global perspectives.

This special issue is linked to the EU-COST-Action on the same topic ( aims to develop new scientific approaches by discussing, testing and assessing diverse case studies, their social and cultural context, interventions and public policies.
This Docomomo Journal will be guest edited by the Action Chairs and WG Leaders of the COST-Action MCMH: Ana Vaz Milheiro, Dalit Shach-Pinsly, Els de Vos, Gaia Caramellino, Inês Lima Rodrigues, Kostas Tsiambaos, Müge Akkar Ercan, Yankel Fijalkow.
Deadline: 300 words Abstract and 100 words CV to our OJS system 30 November 2022.

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