Book launch: Territories of Faith : Religion, Urban Planning and Demographic Change in Post-War Europe

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BOOK LAUNCH, VISIT & DRINK | Saturday 25 June, 14:00 – 18:00 | St Mark’s church, Uccle

On Saturday 25 june 2022, you are warmly invited to the book launch of  “Territories of Faith : Religion, Urban Planning and Demographic Change in Post-War Europe – Sven Sterken and Eva Weyns” in the Sint-Markus church in Uccle. The launch is preceded by an architectural walk in the neighbourhood.

Both the walk and the launch are free of charge, but registration is required.



St Mark’s church – Avenue De Frélaan 76 – 1180 Ukkel/Uccle


Saturday 25 June 2022

– 14u15   Guided tour: Discover some remarkable roofscapes in Uccle!
– 16u00  Welcome participants to book launch
– 16u15   Book launch and guided tour in St Mark’s church by Sven Sterken & Eva Weyns
– 17u15   Drink


Guided tour: Discover some remarkable roofscapes in Uccle!

Uccle can be proud of its remarkable heritage. Urbanisation of Uccle began in the early 20th century, was interrupted by the war, resumed during the inter-war period and reached its peak in the 1950s and 1960s. This tour focuses on a number of buildings that testify to the building boom of that era and feature some daring applications of shell structures in concrete and wood. The tour starts at Saint Mark’s Church, a monumental church with an innovative roof construction, built by architect André Millis in 1969. A bit further down the road, at the base of the “Sukkelberg” lies the Longchamp swimming pool. Engineer René Sarger was technically responsible for this fine piece of architecture with an undulating roof that rests on just one support. In the Schepenijlaan, we encounter the flagbearer of modern architecture, Louis Herman De Koninck.

Guide: Thomas Pevernagie – Korei Guided Tours

Registration is required (tickets available on this page)

Book launch, guided tour in St Mark’s church (in English) and drink

In the 1950s and 1960s, thousands of churches were built across Europe in an attempt to keep up with the continent’s rapid urbanisation. This book addresses the immense effort related to the planning, financing, and construction of this new religious infrastructure. Going beyond aspects of style and liturgy, and transcending a focus on particular architects or regions, this volume considers church building at the crossroads of pastoral theology, religious sociology, and urban planning. Presenting the rich palette of strategies and methods deployed by congregations, dioceses, government bodies, and private patrons in their attempt to secure a religious presence in the rapidly modernising world, Territories of Faith offers a broad view of the practice of religion and its material expression in the fast-evolving (sub)urban landscapes of post-war Europe.

Figuring on the cover, St Mark’s church is one of the 10 case studies discussed in this book. After a short introduction about the concept and contents of the book by Sven Sterken, Eva Weyns will explain why this church was built precisely there, and why it looks the way it does today. Afterwards, both authors will take you on a short tour through this remarkable church building. Afterwards, there will be drinks.

Registration is required (tickets available on this page)

The book will be on sale on site at a reduced price of 25%, and is available online through this link (available until 15/07).