Rotterdam Woont Research Project

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Systematic documentation of 150 years housing development and future in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Woont Research Project

The development of housing typologies is an emergent and testimony of the cultural, clinic political, economical and technological context. New social behaviours, family structures, working routines and equipment needs are some of the factors that produce a continuous transformation in the collective and individual dwellings design during the 20th century.

Mapping the housing development requires a format with a systematic and methodological study –periods collecting equal housing developments, functional areas within the housing structure, growing population, mobility, etc.  – to define the criteria for selection of the case studies. Building’s documentation essential research instruments are: plans, pictures, investments, regulations, owner types, quality and number of residents, among others. We have chosen to present the results using internet.

This webformat we started in Rotterdam, the second biggest city in the Netherlands. In 2007 a team of architects and historicans made a selection of 150 typical housing projects over 1,5 century and classify the selection in 5 periods in witch projects share the same developments. By the end of 2011 more than 200 housing projects and 30 short neighbourhood descriptions will be published on the website.

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