Juliaan Lampens 1950–1991

Author: Juliaan Lampens, Gerard Vandenhaute, Paul Vermeulen

Publisher: Arts centre deSingel, Antwerp (2020)

Language: English, French, Dutch

ISBN: 9789492567147

The Flanders Architecture Institute reissues the book Juliaan Lampens 1950–1991, which was originally compiled for the retrospective exhibition of the architect held at deSingel in 1991.

The architecture of Juliaan Lampens (1926-2019), one of the greatest Belgian architects of the twentieth century, possesses uniquely sculptural qualities that continue to fascinate audiences at home and abroad. Juliaan Lampens 1950–1991 is the reissue of an exhibition catalogue from 1991, supplemented by an updated biography, a foreword and new translations in both French and English. It is a unique reference work because the hand of the master is emphatically present in every facet of the publication. The architect literally and figuratively shaped the book: texts, plans, photographs and sketches are interwoven with personal notes and invite the reader to enter the exceptional universe of Juliaan Lampens.

This new revised and enlarged edition was facilitated by the non-profitorganisation Juliaan Lampens vzw (Jo Van Den Berghe, Luc De Vos, Koen Dekeyser, Franck Velghe, Dieter Lampens) and Daan Dufait.

Besides reissuing the book, the Flanders Architecture Institute also draws on the oeuvre of Juliaan Lampens (1926–2019) for the second edition of Unfolding the Archives, which offers an unprecedented insight into this architect’s working method.

This publication is also available in a special edition


Authors: Juliaan Lampens, Gerard Vandenhaute, Paul Vermeulen
Photography: Walter De Mulder, Koen Dekeyser, Joan Devolder, Luc De Vos, Roger Laute, Pierre Noël
Translation: Michael Warries (EN), Monique Nagielkopf (FR)
Graphic design: Gert Audenaert, Juliaan Lampens, Koen Dekeyser


Additional translations and final editing: Helen Simpson (EN), Maxime Schouppe (FR), Biesbrouck (NL)
Graphic design: We Became Aware – Tomas Lootens, Valentijn Goethals, Louis Desmet

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