Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 8: Restoring Postwar Heritage: Selections from the 2004 Docomomo US Technology Seminar

Author: Harry J. Hunderman, Juliane Pegels, Jack Pyburn,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International (2008)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 147

Language: English

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Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 8:
Restoring Postwar Heritage: Selections from the 2004 Docomomo US Technology Seminar (August 2008)

— University of Chicago Preservation Guidelines for Contemporary Architecture by Harry J. Hunderman, David S. Patterson & Richard C. Bumstead
— Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Zollverein XII Coal Mine Complex: Strategies, Problems, and Perspectives for a World Heritage Site of the Modern Movement by Juliane Pegels

The 20th Century Metal and Glass Curtain Wall:
— Comparing the Preservation of the 1920s Metal and Glass Curtain Walls of the Sanatorium Zonnestraal and the Van Nelle Factories by Wessel de Jonge
— The United Nations Secretariat Curtain Wall History: Current Condition, and Future Restoration by Robert A. Heintges
— Some Notes on the Conception, Implementation, and Future of the Curtain Wall by Elwin C. Robison
— The History of the 20th Century Metal and Glass Curtain Wall, and Evolution of Curtain Wall Standardization and Performance Testing by Daniel J. Lemieux & Martina T. Driscoll

Concrete Restoration of Modern Buildings:
— The Role of Precast Concrete Technology in Postwar Building Construction by Jack Pyburn
— Postwar Building in France: Le Havre by Frédéric Seitz
— Pier Luigi Nervi’s Work: Technological Values, Typical Degradations and Conservation Criteria by Nicola Ruggieri & Gennaro Tampone

Stone and Technology in the Modern Movement:
— Experiencing Stone, Structure and Cladding by Ola Wedebrunn
— Renovation of the Marble Cladding at Finlandia Hall by Martii Jokinen
— Deterioration of Thin Marble Cladding: Observations from the Inspections of Buildings with Marble Cladding in Europe by Bent Grelk & Björn Schouenborg
— Conservation of Stone Facing in Modern Italian Architecture by Sergio Poretti, Rinaldo Capomolla, Tullia Iori, Stefania Mornati & Rosalia Vittorini
— The Restoration of Juan O’Gorman’s Central Library of University City, National Autonomous University of Mexico by Louise Noelle Gras

— Color and Conservation in Modern Buildings: The NCS (Natural Color System) and its Use in Recording Historic and Contemporary Architecture by Harald Arnkil
— The Public Spaces of Luis Barragán: Losses and Recovery by Louise Noelle Gras
— Mural Painting vs. Architecture: Le Corbusier vs. Eileen Gray by Caroline Constant