Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 3: Reframing the Moderns, Substitute Windows and Glass

Author: Anne Beim, Marianna Heikinheimo, Boje Lundgaard,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International (2000)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 127

Language: English

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Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 3: Reframing the Moderns, Substitute Windows and Glass (April 2000)

History and Development:
— Windows by Boje Lundgaard
— Steel Framed Windows of the 1930s: Metal Window Industry in Finland by Marianna Heikinheimo
— Glass as Matter: A Brief History of Manufacturing and Application by Anne Beim
— Window Glass Technology in the 20th Century: Glass Manufacturing in the United States by T. Gunny Harboe

Strategies and Policies:
— Framing Opinions: English Campaign to Conserve Windows by Chris Wood
— Keep the Spirit! Window Replacement in Rotterdam’s 1900–60 Districts by Wessel de Jonge
— An Artificial Look: PVXC Replacement Windows in Tallinn by Andri Ksenofontov

Case Studies:
— Restoration of a 19th Century Curtain Wall: The Reliance Building of Chicago, USA by T. Gunny Harboe & Stephen J. Kelly
— Modern Buildings and Their Windows: Some Restoration Experiences in Germany by Berthold Burkhardt & Dieter Rentschler-Weissman
— Restoration of Transparency: The Casa del Fascio in Como (Giuseppe Terragni, 1932–36) by Alberto Artioli & Wessel de Jonge
— Preservation of Steel Framed Windows: The Weisse Stadt Estate in Berlin-Reinickendorf, 1929–30 by Winfried Brenne
— Modification of Existing Windows: Vestersø Apartment House (Fisker & Møller, 1937–39) by Søren Lundquist
— The Window and the Plane: The Central Post Office in The Hague (Bremer, 1939–49) by Dirk Jan Postel
— Retention and Replacement, a Careful Balance: The Westman House in Lund, Sweden (1939) by Thomas Tägil
— Euro-legislation Calls for Changes: Copenhagen’s White Meat Town (1932–34) by Jens Borsholt
— Light and Air in a Poisonous and Noisy World: Sveaplan School in Stockholm (Ahrbom & Zimdahl, 1936) by Torbjörn Almqvist
— Re-use of a Building Where Less is More: Rietveld’s School of Art, Arnhem (1958–63) by Hubert-Jan Henket