Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 2: The Fair Face of Concrete: Conservation and Repair of Exposed Concrete

Author: Berthold Burkhardt, Wessel de Jonge, Ola Wedebrunn,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International (1997)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 151

Language: English

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Docomomo Preservation Technology Dossier 2: The Fair Face of Concrete: Conservation and Repair of Exposed Concrete (April 1997)

History and Development: Concrete is Art: The Design Potential of Concrete by Peter Thole — A Miracle Material: The Abstract Expression of Concrete by Ola Wedebrunn — A Modern Movement in Engineering: Technology and Architecture by Berthold Burkhardt — José Luis Delpini: Centennial of an Unknown Master Engineer by Juan Maria Cardoni & Wessel de Jonge — Concrete Atlantis: The ‘Faces’ of Concrete in the United States by Theodore M. Prudon — Authenticity is More Than Skin Deep: Conserving Britain’s Postwar Concrete Architecture by Susan Macdonald

Diagnose and Remedy: Concrete Diagnose: Failure and Repair of Reinforced Concrete by Anthony van den Hondel — Preserving More… by Doing Less! Principles of Electro-chemical Concrete Repair by Guri E. Nustad — Durability of Electro-chemical Repair in the Netherlands: Housing Frederikstraat, The Hague (1978) by René G.J. Ackerstaff — Concrete Repair and Material Authenticity: Evaluation of Electro-chemical Preservation Techniques by Wessel de Jonge

Case Studies: Restoring Brilliant Ornamentation: Bahá’i House of Worship (Louis Bourgeois, 1920–53) by Robert F. Armbuster — An Unobtrusive Treatment: Pumping Station Parksluizen, Rotterdam (1968) by Heide Hinterthür — A Brilliant Match? Pumping Station Parksluizen, Rotterdam (1968) by Koos van der Zanden — Investments in an Invisible Future: The Nubar Bey Villa at Garches (Auguste Perret, 1931) by Valérie Ortlieb — A Delay of Decay: Notre-Dame de Royan (Guillaume Gillet, 1958) by Philippe Oudin — Spiritual Architecture in Concrete: St. Antonius Church (Moser, 1927) and Goetheanum (Steiner, 1928) by Vojislav Ristic — Patch Repair Leaves Architectural Integrity: The Beethoven Hall of the Stuttgart Liederhalle by Rudolf Pörtner — A Multiphased Approach: Promontory Apartments, Chicago (Mies van des Rohe, 1949) by Paul E. Gaudette & Harry J. Hunderman — A Tailored Remediation Tragedy: Finsbury Health Center (Tecton & Lubetkin, 1938) by John Allan