DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 65: Housing for All

Author: Ana Tostões, Zara Ferreira, Joseph Abram, et. al.

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International, Lisboa, Portugal (2021)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 132

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 65 (2021/2)

Housing for the greatest number By ANA TOSTÕES

This is the third journal dedicated to the housing question. In 2014, docomomo Journal 51 discussed modern Housing as “Patrimonio Vivo”, considering the modern home to explore topics of public and private life, intimacy, exposure, and gender. The house, whether at the level of a cell, a module, a system, or expanded across an entire city, has always been a fundamental subject for debate within the architecture of the Modern Movement addressing the “magic formula”: light, air and openness. docomomo Journal 54 “Housing Reloaded” was published, two years after, focused on the strategies used and challenges faced by those attempting to preserve post WWII collective housing in Europe.

In 2021, on the occasion of the last journal edited by me, it was decided to reaffirm docomomo’s acknowledgement of the major relevance of reflecting the housing question and explore the subject once again. I wish to thank and acknowledge the commitment of Zara Ferreira, who acted as guest editor for this docomomoJournal 65. Her work and perseverance were emulated by the authors who contributed generously with their knowledge and research.

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Housing for the greatest number By ANA TOSTÕES

The right to comfort in the century of the self By ZARA FERREIRA

Modernity and housing production in France after WWII By JOSEPH ABRAM

President Alemán Urban Housing Project By LOUISE NOELLE

Housing explorations. Unidad Vecinal Portales in Santiago By UMBERTO BONOMO

Preserving a modern housing model: the restoration of Pedregulho Housing Neighborhood By FLÁVIA BRITO DO NASCIMENTO

The survival and resurrection of a “Bakema-experiment” in an Amsterdam garden city By TIM NAGTEGAAL

Conservation by consensus: heritage management in large housing estates By JOHN ALLAN

Reconstructing housing and communities: the INA-Casa Plan By ROSALIA VITTORINI

Large-scale housing projects in Lisbon: Olivais and Telheiras By ANA TOSTÕES AND ZARA FERREIRA

Avanchet-Parc in Geneva: an experimental housing scheme, an exemplary complex By FRANZ GRAF AND GIULIA MARINO

Sunny flats will replace…A congested slum block: Sydney’s post war housing improvement schemes By NONI BOYD

Preservation and public housing in the United States By THEODORE PRUDON

Kollektivhus: the Swedish model By CLAES CALDENBY

Vegaviana, a colonization village: the rural “naturalness and simplicity” of modern Spanish heritage By INMACULADA BOTE ALONSO AND BEATRIZ MONTALBÁN POZAS

The Chandigarh Sector By SANGEETA BAGGA

Torres Blancas, a Vertical Garden City By ALBERTO SANZ

The young Paulo Mendes da Rocha: Jockey Club of Goiás and a modernity project By ELINE CAIXETA AND CHRISTINE MAHLER

The real reason why Nakagin Capsule Tower was never metabolized By TATSUYUKI MAEDA AND YUKA YOSHIDA