DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 37: Places of Modernism

Author: Mohammed Andalib, Jean-Louis Cohen, Anat Falbel,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2007)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 94

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 37 (September 2007)

Docomomo News

Peter Scheier: A Modern Photographer and the Idea of the City by Anat Falbel
Healthcare in Brazil, 1930–60: Preserving the Architectural Modern Legacy by Renato da Gama-Rosa Costa
Antofagasta, Chile: Modern Architecture Between Ocean and Desert by Claudio Galeno Ibaceta
The Architect as Cold-war Mediator: The 1963 UIA Congress, Havana by Miles Glendinning
The Gardens of Mirei Shigemori: Tradition and Appreciation of Modernity by Franco Panzini
The Voice of the Modern Bengali: Architect Muzharul Islam by Nasheet Rumy & Mohammed Andalib Saadullah
Repressed Architecture: The Pravda Publishing House in Moscow by Riccardo Forte
Croatian Modern Architecture and its Ties with France by Darja Radovic Mahecic
Czech Cubist Architecture: A Tribute to Josef Gočár by Jan Sedlák
Refurbishment or Demolition? The Fate of a 1930s Housing Complex in Athens Remains Pending by Elisabeth Károlyi
The Modern Movement in Lithuania: Cultural and Political Encounters by Vaidas Petrulis
Jerusalem’s International Style under Pressure: An Uncertain Future for the Garden City of Rehavia and Villa Schocken by Viorica Feler-Morgan
The CAF Building in Paris: Full Stop, New Paragraph by Giulia Marino

Book reviews:
Modes of Modernism in Britain, Africa, the Czech Republic and China by Dennis Sharp
Corbusiana Section:
Caroline Maniaque: Le Corbusier et les Maisons Jaoul by Panayotis Tournikiotis
P. Tournikiotis, Y. Exarhou, I. Lykourioti: Two Journeys to Le Corbusier & Le Corbusier: Vers une Architecture by Sokratis Georgiadis
Fondation Le Corbusier: Le Corbusier: La Suisse, les Suisses by Caroline Maniaque
Yannis Tsiomis: Le Corbusier, Conférences de Rio by Jean-Louis Cohen
Maristella Casciato & Stanislaus von Moos: Twilight of the Plan: Chandigarh and Brasilia by Émilie d’Orgeix & Anne-Laure Guillet