DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 35: Modern Architecture in the Middle East

Author: Elvan Altan Ergut & Belgin Turan Özkaya (guest editors)

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2006)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 106

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 35 (September 2006)

Making Modernism Modern, The Failure of Rehabilitation: The Thermal Bath Complex of Sidi Harazem by Zevaco by Aziza Chaouni
The Last Surviving Solarium, Jamnagar, India (1936): A Modern Example of Technological Significance by Miki Desai
Schwarze Pumpe: A 1950s Power Station in Germany by Lars Scharnholz
Architecture in Cyprus Between the 1930s and 1970s: The Search of Modern Heritage by Stefanos Fereos & Petros Phokaides
Oltarzhevsky and the Soviet Skyscraper by Stephen J. Kelley

Modern Architecture in the Middle East:
Introduction: Modern Architecture in the Middle East, Beyond Tradition and Development by Elvan Altan Ergut & Belgin Turan Özkaya
Mediating and Domesticating Modernity in Egypt: Uncovering Some Forgotten Pages by Mercedes Volait
The (Inter)National of an Uneven Modernity: Architectural Politics in Pahlavi Iran by Talinn Grigor
Preying for the Villa Namazi: The Unfortunate Encounter between a Modern Jewel and the Contemporary Metropolis by Nader Tehrani
Richard Kauffmann: Between Architectural and National Modernisms by Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Marina Epstein-Pliouchtch & Tal Alon-Mozes
Building, Constructing and Exhibiting in Turkey: The Republican Public Works Exhibition by M. Haluk Zelef
A Lost Icon of Turkish Modernism: Expo’58 Pavilion in Brussels by Sibel Bozdoğan
Rebuilding Iraq 1955–58: Modernist Housing, National Aspirations, and Global Ambitions by Panayiota Pyla
Bauhaus in Baghdad: Walter Gropius Master Project for Baghdad University by Mina Marefat
Lithic Modernity: Jordan’s Architectural Legacy by Nabil Abu-Dayyeh & Ali Abu-Ghanimeh
Danger Alert on Lebanese Modern Architecture by Habib Sayah

Book Reviews:
Van Nelle: Monument in Progress by Theodore Prudon
Modernism: Designing a New World by Dennis Sharp

Harry Seidler (1923–2006) by Dennis Sharp