DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 31: Modernism in the US after Word War II

Author: Emilie D'Orgeix, Andrej Hrausky, Joan Ockman (guest editor),

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2004)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 31 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 130

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 31 (September 2004)

Modern Heritage in Cuba: A Visit, January 2004 by Emilie D’Orgeix

Docomomo News

Calico Textile Shop: The Doomed Dome, India by Pierre Cadot
Modern Movement in Slovenia by Andrej Hrausky
Endangered Heritage: The Vágó Villas in Oradea by Carmen Popescu
Swedish Prefab Houses in Australia by Noni Boyd & Scott Robertson
Laboratory Lusatia by Stefan Auer, Babette Braun, Frank Rost, Lars Scharnholz, Andreas Schreuers & Nadine Wichote
A Genesis of the Socialist Towns in Siberia, and a Dilemma in the Preservation of the MoMo Buildings by Ivan Nevzgodin
The Garbáty Cigarette Factory Archives in Berlin by Vittoria Capresi

The Impact of Modernism in the United States After Worl War II
Introduction by Joan Ockman

New Postwar Landscapes:
This Was Only a Test: The Experimental Landscapes of Cold War Modernism by Tom Vanderbilt
Creative Destruction: Victor Gruen and the Shopping Mall’s, Past and Future by M. Jeffrey Hardwick

The Corporate Environment:
Natalie de Blois and the Connecticut General Life Insurance Building by Betty J. Blum
Pride and Prejudice: Minoru Yamasaki’s Seattle Legacy by Sheri Olson
In Full View: Manhattan’s Postwar Lobbies and Plazas by Matthew A. Postal

The Domestic Context:
A Brush, with Prefabrication: The William Muschenheim House by Kent Kleinman
Regionalism and Preservation in the Work of Harwell Hamilton Harris by Frank Harmon
Paul Rudolph’s Building Culture: The Sarasota Work by Christopher Domin & Joseph King
Modernist Houses of the Hamptons: A Short Survey by Claude Massu

Buildings for Culture and Leisure:
“More Lincoln Center than Lincoln Center”: Max Abramowitz Versus the Fortress by John Harwood
A Conversation About the Trenton Bath House, with Anne Griswold Tyng by Susan G. Solomon
A Rare Instance of Pop Architecture: Hans Hollein’s Richard Feigen Gallery by Liane Lefaivre
Docomomo US and Change in Preservation in America by Theodore H.M. Prudon & Hélène Lipstadt
The Midtown Manhattan Project by Nina Rappaport & Erik Sigge

The Sheds of the Voirin-Marinoni Factory in Montataire: A Patented Architecture by Auguste And Gustave Perret, Architects, Louis Gellusseau, Engineer by Guy Lambert & Franz Graf

Book Reviews:
Future Anterior by Casey Nelson Blake
Hélène Jannière: Politiques Éditoriales et Architecture “Moderne”: L’Émergence de Nouvelles Revues en France et en Italie (1923–1939) by Nathalie Roulleau-Simonnot