DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 27: The History of Docomomo

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International (2002)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 96

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 27 (June 2002)



ISC/Registers: 10 Years After
ISC/Technology: Creative Technology
ISC/Education+Theory: Waiting for the Necessary Impetus…

Working Parties:
DOCOMOMO Argentina: Twelve Years of Research and Education
DOCOMOMO Australia: Campaigns and Talks by the Fire
DOCOMOMO Austria: A Good Start
DOCOMOMO Brazil: Ten Years After
DOCOMOMO Bulgaria: A Partnership in the Mission of Preservation
DOCOMOMO Canada – Quebec: Questions to Be Explored in the Coming Years
DOCOMOMO Czechia: The Czech DOCOMOMO Group Recapitulates
DOCOMOMO Denmark: More than Hundred – Greetings from Denmark
DOCOMOMO Estonia: Ten Years of DOCOMOMO
DOCOMOMO Finland: Use and Abuse of the Docomomo Selection
DOCOMOMO France: Educating the Public, Students and Ourselves!
DOCOMOMO Greece: The State of Modern Architecture
DOCOMOMO Iberia: Report of Activities
DOCOMOMO Ireland: A Baker’s Dozen and the Magnificent Seven
DOCOMOMO Israel: World Heritage Nomination of the White City
DOCOMOMO Italy: Tendency to Broaden MoMo Historiography
DOCOMOMO Japan: Preserving the Historical Values of Large Apartment Houses
DOCOMOMO_nl: Nieuwsbrief
DOCOMOMO Russia: Revitalising the Past for the Future
DOCOMOMO Scotland: First Decade, 1992-2002
DOCOMOMO Turkey: Register of 20th Century Architecture
DOCOMOMO United Kingdom: Working on Our Post-1945 Register
DOCOMOMO USA: Regional Groups Have Sprouted