DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 22: Modern Houses

Author: Wessel de Jonge, Hubert-Jan Henket, Harriet MacKay,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International (2000)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 64

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 22 (May 2000)



Open to the Public: National Trust Property 2 Willow Road by Harriet MacKay
Special Enjoyment of the Authentic Experience: The Rietveld-Schröder House (Utrecht, 1924) by Hubert-Jan Henket
The Preservation of Modern Interiors: Exploring the Exhibits in an Imaginary Museum by Arthur Rüegg
French Modern Houses by Wessel de Jonge
An Island of Quiet in the Metropolis: The Americano Residence (Oswaldo Bratke, 1952) by Hugo Segawa
Re-discovering a Dwelling Machine: Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House (1928–45) by James Ashby
Preserving MoMo-Interiors in the USA: To Be or Not to Be thats Is the Question by Theo Prudon
A Museum of Modern Living by Wessel de Jonge
Caretakers, Owners, and Admirers: The Richard Mandel House by Eric Brill
The PragueVilla od Dr. Müller, Adolf Loos (in Cooperation with Karel Lhota) by Karel Ksandr
A House Searching for Survival: The Plight of the Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House II by Dion Neutra
A Ship on the Desert: The Kaufmann House Restoration by Marmol and Radziner, Architects and Brent and Beth Harris, Owners