(NL) Conservation as Innovative Practice – Verslagen expertenmeetings

Author: Robin Engels, Petra Griefing (Editor)

Publisher: Stad & Architectuur vzw (i.c.w. DOCOMOMO Belgium) Leuven (2014)

Dimensions 21 x 29,7cm

Pages: 35

Language: Dutch

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(NL) Verslag expertenmeeting 1 met Catherine Croft

(NL) Verslag expertenmeeting 2 met Susan Macdonald



In this lecture series, four renowned experts will address these questions on the basis of their experience within the field of conservation and preservation. Despite the differences, their approach has in common that it focuses less on conserving what has been built than on exploring the future potential of our architectural heritage. What can be the role of our architectural heritage in the debate about sustainable urbanization, demographic change and cultural diversity? How can conservation become an innovative practice and contribute to facing these challenges?

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Franz GRAF (EFPL Lausanne) | 12.12.2013 | VUB

Catherine CROFT (Twentieth Century Society) | 30.01.2014  | M – Museum Leuven

Susan MACDONALD (Getty Conservation Institute) | 13.03.2014 | M – Museum Leuven

Jorge OTERO-PAILOS (Columbia University) | 15.05.2014 | M – Museum Leuven

In collaboration with:
Stad & Architectuur vzw, Raymond Lemaire International Centre of Conservation, VU Brussel, M-Museum Leuven
With support of:
City of Leuven, Flemish Government, Province Flemish-Brabant, NAV, A+, Existenz