Publication: Conservation of Colour in 20th Century Architecture

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Edited by Giacinta Jean, click SUPSI – Nardini Editore, Lugano – Firenze, 2013


Giacinta Jean (ed.)
Conservation of colour in 20th Century architecture
La conservazione delle policromie nell´architettura del XX secolo
SUPSI – Nardini Editore, Lugano – Firenze, 2013
ISBN 978-88-404-4225-9
The volume gathers articles of international experts on the use and preservation of colour schemes in the architecture of the 20th Century, promoting the need of an interdisciplinary approach to address conservation issues. The texts are grouped in five sections: colour as part of the original design intent; colour in the urban space; colour technology; architectural paint research and conservation strategies; architecture and wall paintings.
Texts in Italian, English and German by: Patrick Baty, William Braham, Winfried Brenne, Fabio Campolongo, Bernhard Furrer, Ivo Hammer, Isabel Haupt, Helen Hughes, Paola Iazurlo, Giacinta Jean, Thomas Klug, Marta Melchiorre Di Crescenzo, Teresa Perusini, Paola Pettenella, Ruggero Pierantoni, Francesca Piqué, Mariël Polman, Antonio Rava, Robin Rehm, Bruno Reichlin, Arthur Rüegg, Harriet Standeven, Roger Strub, Graziella Tonon, Chiara Toscani, Katrin Trautwein, Anna Vyazemtseva.

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