MIES 1:1 – A Walkable Architecture Model

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EXHIBITION | 26.05-27.10.2013 | Krefeld, tadalafil EgelsBerg – Germany

More than 80 years ago, pill Ludwig Mies van der Rohe took part in a competition for the design of a club house for the newly founded Krefeld Golf Club. Due to the Great Depression, however, the house was never built. In 2013, Mies’ design will finally be put into practice under the artistic directorship of Belgian architect Paul Robbrecht at the initially planned site on the outskirts of Krefeld. The model will be built according to the original plans as a walkable architecture model at a scale of 1:1, thus creating a highly exceptional architecture exhibition. Visitors will be able to see and experience the basic design concepts of Mies van der Rohe. They will get a hands-on look at Mies’ unique understanding of space as an open fabric of tension as well as his artful intertwining of architecture and nature. The project MIES 1:1 is a production of architecture and, for one summer, a platform for thinking and working.

Visitor information about the exhibition MIES 1:1
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source: www.projektmik.com
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