Matrimony Days – Journées du Matrimoine Brussels

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VISITS | 28-29.09.2019 | Brussels

Matrimony: Designating “marriage” in ancient French (matrimonium in Latin), the word was used in the 2010s in the expression “cultural matrimony“, creating a feminine parallel to “patrimony“, to designate material and immaterial goods having an historical or artistic significance inherited from women.

(en savoir plus en FR, lees verder in NL)

The “cultural heritage days” (called “patrimony days”) has been created in Belgium a long time ago. But the “matrimony days”, honoring and showcasing women’s works, is still missing. Launched in Paris 4 years ago, the “matrimony days” are beginning to spread in France… and soon in Brussels!

The non-profit organization “L’Ilot” and the platform “L’architecture qui dégenre” decided to join forces to create the first “matrimony days” in Brussels. This exceptional event will take place on the 28th and 29th of September 2019.

This first edition will highlight the Brussels matrimonial cultural heritage by showing important historical buildings and places of the city. Furthermore, this event will be the perfect opportunity to discover the actual “cultural matrimony” – artistic, political and feminist: passage Marguerite Yourcenar, Calico project, la Poudrière, and many more.

The “matrimony days” goes beyond the discovery of the rich contribution of women to our historical and cultural heritage. It also raises important questions: the fundamental issue of women’s access to property will be discussed in workshops led by experts and during field trips in the city of Brussels. The entire program of the “matrimony days” is designed to showcase the participation of women in the different professions related to “cultural matrimony”.

With the support of la Ville de Bruxelles, Amazone, the RainbowHouse Brussels, the Commune de Saint-Gilles, PUB – Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles and the Faculty of Architecture ULB.



► Visit of an heritage project with the architect Florence Doneux
(Architectures Parallèles) and with the stone mason Marie De Belder
How is a restoration project organized in Brussels? What are the roles and missions of architects, restorers and craftswomen working in matrimony?
10am-12pm | Le Cirio, rue de la Bourse 18 (1000 Brussels) | Max. capacity: 25 persons | FR(-EN-NL upon request) | Registration is required, send an email to

► LUNCH | 12.30pm | Amazone, Rue du Méridien 10 (1210 Brussels) | 10 € | Registration is required online :

► Discovering the matrimonial heritage with the historian Marianne Puttemans (ULB)
Marianne Puttemans has been teaching the history of architecture for more than 20 years at ULB. This real living encyclopedia will share the secrets of the Brussels heritage. Who were the “architect” women of past centuries? Where did the women get together to learn, to help each other, to work? How and in what way did they leave their mark and shape the city as we know it?
2pm-4.30pm | Place du Béguinage (1000 Brussels) | Max. capacity : 25 persons | FR(-EN-NL upon request) | Registration is required online :

► Activity with the collective Noms Peut-Être !
Noms Peut-Être ! is a non-profit organization that seek to give women a prominent role in the society through different modes of non-violent actions. This organization chose, among other things, to rename the streets or metro stations in Brussels with “female/identified as female” names. Therefore, the activity proposed during days will remain confidential until the last moment.

If you’re interested, please send an email to


► L-Tour with the sociologist and activist Marian Lens
Marian Lens is an activist, sociologist and founder of the first lesbian bookshop in the capital. She organizes LGBTQIA + walking trails in Brussels: it is a great opportunity to hear unusual anecdotes and significant events about our lovely rainbow-coloured Brussels.
10am-12.30am | RainbowHouse, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42 (1000 Brussels) | FR-EN-NL | Registration is required, send an email to

► LUNCH | 12.30pm | RainbowHouse, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42 (1000 Brussels)| 5 € | Registration is required online :

► “Walk outside the walls of the gender”: Brussels trails of egalitarian architectures with the architect Apolline Vranken (L’architecture qui dégenre)
What are the indicators for building a more “gender inclusive”/”gender sensitive” architecture? How to subvert gender relations in the habitat? This trail, conceived as a toolbox – “Gender Toolkit” – will give architects, urban planners, decision-makers and users, concrete ways to build all together a more egalitarian architecture and urban planning.
2pm-5pm | Place du Béguinage (1000 Brussels) | Max. capacity 25 persons | FR-EN(-NL upon request) | Registration is required online :

► Closing party with Radio Moskou
Inauguration of the new plaques of Place Marie Janson, the first woman Belgian senator, with the Commune of Saint-Gilles and participatory radio show animated by Radio Moskou (Toestand) on the themes of the access to the property and the fight against homelessness in the presence of :
– Chloé Salembier | From the little house in the meadow to the sleep merchants (LOCI, Angela D.)
– Claire Oldenhove |Women’s homelessness: issues and realities (L’Ilot asbl – Sortir du sans-abrisme)
– Lorella Pazienza | Calico Project (CLTB)

The project Les Pots de l’Ilot will provide the catering for the evening.

4pm-6.30pm | Place Marie-Janson/Carré de Moscou | FR-NL | Kids friendly

Source and more information: Journées du Matrimoine (Facebook)