Le Corbusier and Photography. Construire l’image / Het image vormen

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EXPO| 26.04 – 06.10.2013 | CIVA, Brussels

Presented by CIVA. Production: Musée des beaux-arts de La Chaux-de-Fonds

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lecorbuL200_expo civaLe Corbusier was quick to grasp the impact and promotional character of photography. In the course of his life, he used images in diverse ways: he saw travel as an opportunity to collect a wealth of extremely rich material which he used in his work as an architect, town planner, theoretician and sculptor. He then drew on a vast repertoire of images to illustrate his writings and exhibitions.

Ultimately, he forged his image on the basis of the work of several famous photographers: Fred Boissonnas, Lucien Hervé, René Burri, to name only the most well-known. Photography therefore formed the logical basis for his architectural work as well as enabling him to construct his own image. His personality, his thoughts on architecture and town planning, as well as his creations, continue to intrigue experts and interest the public without any consensus ever being reached as to what they really mean. The intellectual and professional personality of the architect continues to provoke passionate debate between his champions and detractors.
The various sections of the exhibition cover the diverse relationships between Le Corbusier and photography:

1.      Le Corbusier, the man
2.      Le Corbusier, the photographer
3.      Image and promotion of Le Corbusier’s works in photographs
4.      Photography and publication
5.      Photography and exhibition
6.      Le Corbusier’s architecture in contemporary photography

source: www.civa.be