EXPO The Modernization of Brussels (S. Jasinski) at CIVA

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EXPO | 24.05.2024 – 13.10.2024 | CIVA, KLUISSTTRAAT 55 RUE DE L’ERMITAGE, 1050 BRUSSELS

Sta. Jasinski / Projet de centralisation de l’administration ministérielle, Bruxelles. 1929-1930 © CIVA Collections, Brussels

Since the start of his career as an architect, Stanislas Jasinski (1901-1978) had planned to radically modernize Brussels. “The city with a rotten core” was to undergo a vast demolition and reconstruction program geared toward accommodating the new means of transport that would revolutionize town and country planning: the automobile. The modernization of the city center was reserved for national administration buildings and modern public facilities, while large housing buildings were to be constructed in park areas in the city’s green outskirts.

With the exception of the Deurne airport near Antwerp and the Bordet Hospital in Brussels, none of Jasinski’s major projects were completed and he never became the great architect of the “Belgian Nation” that he aspired to be. Not for want of trying: his plans included a project for three cruciform towers to house all of Belgium’s administrative offices; a project for the Albertine Royal Library; a project for a residential tower on Louise Avenue; a project for the development of Antwerp’s left bank; a project for a Mundaneum to be presented at Expo ’58; a project for the Belgian radio and television network; and, finally, a project for the Palace of the Academies.

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