Expo: Brunfaut’s Progressive Architecture

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EXPO | 08.02 – 09.06.2013 | Atomium – Brussels

Brunfaut’s Progressive Architecture, an exhibition about Belgian architecture from the modernist period. This is the continuation of a thematic cycle around Belgian architecture from that period.

‘Modernism ludique’ was interested in purely formal research. ‘Architectonic’ illustrated by the use of concrete, the potential of the social architecture of the 20th century. Willy Vander Meeren questioned the social involvement of the architect and his political engagement (through the realisation of social housing in Evere).

Brunfaut is a family of progressive architects, openly politically committed and major players of their time. Fernand (1886-1972) as a politician, Gaston (1894-1974) as critic and theorist and Maxime (1909-2003) as a practicus have marked Brussels and Belgium with their militant works.

Convinced socialists, they are interested, through the architecture in urbanism and political action. Who does not know the Vooruit in Ghent, the airport building in Zaventem or the Central Station in Brussels? They all carry the stamp of the family Brunfaut.

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source: www.atomium.be

(NL) In de lente organiseert DOCOMOMO Belgium een ledenactiviteit, naar aanleiding van deze tentoonstelling over de Brunfaut’s in het Atomium.

(FR) Au printemps, un événement sera organisé à l’Atomium pour les membres DOCOMOMO Belgium, en marge de cet exposition Brunfaut’s