Exhibition & Book Launch: Colour Strategies in Architecture

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EXPO & BOOK LAUNCH | 12.10.2015, discount 5.30pm |  The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

“Colour strategies in Architecture”
Exhibition, book launch, talks and tour at the University of Edinburgh this October

20151009_Colour Strategies in ArchitectureThe University of Edinburgh will be showing, in its architecture gallery, the exhibitionColour Strategies in Architecture, organised by Fiona McLachlan, Professor in Architecture. The exhibition, at the university´s Architecture Building, on Chambers Street, Edinburgh, will be opened with a do on Monday, 12 October, at 5:30pm. Attendance is free, but ticketed. The show will illustrate the use of colour in the work of six architectural firms, operating in the 20th century in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom: Lux Guyer and Knapkiewicz & Fickert, from Zürich; Basil Spence andReiach & Hall Architects, based in Edinburgh; and Rainer Rümmler and Hans Scharoun, Berlin.
The exhibition opening will also be the launch of a book with the same title, authored by Ms McLachlan, together with AnneMarie Neser, Lino Sibillano, Marcella Wenger-Di Gabriele and Stephanie Wettstein.

As part of the exhibition, Ms McLachlan, will give, for Docomomo Scotland, a talk, titled Clarified Tectonics: Colour in the work of Basil Spence, on Thursday evening, 22 October, followed by a tour of the exhibition. The exhibition, open during weekdays daytime until 30 October, will be closed by a further lecture. We will provide details about both talks in our next newsletter.

Also at the university´s Architecture Building, the Edinburgh Architectural History & Theory Seminar will hold its first lecture, titled Death, Architecture and Propaganda in Fascist Italy, on 06 October, 5:15-6:30pm, and a conference on 20th Century Urbanism and Landscapes in Africa will take place on 07 & 08 October (see next article).”

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