DOCOMOMO International membercard & Protocols

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DOCOMOMO International signed protocols with several instituitions so that docomomo Card Members can benefit in their MoMo tours.
20150301_membercards docomomo int
Here it is a list of the institutions. Please find attached all the benefits associated with these institutions.Museum of Estonian Architecture [Estonia]
Keski-Suomen Museo [Finland]
Villa Kokkonen [Finland]
HARG House [France]
Villa Noailles [France]
Fondazione Franco Albini [Italy]
CIALP [Portugal]
Lisbon Architecture Triennale [Portugal]
Museum of Yugoslav History [Serbia]
Museum of Architecture and Design [Slovenia]
Maison Blanche [Switzerland]
Schweizeriches Architecture Museum [Switzerland]
Museum of Architecture [UK]
Historic New England – Gropius House [US]
Liljestrand House [US]
MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House [US]
Manitoga House [US]
Casa Curutchet [Argentina]
Casa del Puente [Argentina]
Museo Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo [Mexico]
Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas [Venezuela]

These list of protocols is a work in progress, viagra 40mg so please keep in touch with docomomo International in order to be updated.

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