Conservation Compatible Energy Retrofit of Historic Buildings

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Workshop | 6th February 2014 – 16.00 to 18.00 | Rue de Pascale 45-47, 1040 Brussels

How to improve long term preservation of historic buildings and city centres with high quality energy retrofit. Results from an interdisciplinary project.

logo3encult3ENCULT & Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) warmly invite you to join a workshop on energy efficient solutions to preserve your historic buildings in Brussels on 6th February 2014.

The project 3ENCULT bridges the gap between conservation of historic buildings and climate protection, which is not an antagonism at all: historic buildings will only survive if maintained as living space. Energy efficient retrofit is useful for structural protection as well as for comfort reasons – comfort for users and “comfort” for heritage collections.

The joint task of conservation and energy efficient retrofit is highly interdisciplinary. The 3ENCULT consortium consists of scientists and stakeholders, especially on the level of SMEs, from the fields of diagnostics, conservation, building physics, sustainability, architecture and lighting up to cybernetics, thus guaranteeing both, the development of sustainable solutions and the impact on European economy.


16.00 Welcome by representative from the ALPEUREGIO,
Vesna Caminades [tbc]

16.05 Welcome by representative from the Architects’ Council of Europe,
Sara Van Rompaey, Conservation Architect & Member of the ACE Executive Board

16.15 Introducing 3ENCULT – Bridging the gap between preservation of Cultural Heritage and energy efficiency,
Alexandra Troi, project coordinator, EURAC

16.30 Analysis of Built Heritage. Energy & Culture
Ola Wedebrunn, KA [tbc]

16.50 Zoom in on innovative EE solutions: Windows
Mathilde Andre, Menuiserie Andre [tbc]

17.00 Zoom in on innovative EE solutions: Lighting
Robert Weitlaner, Bartenbach Lichtlabor

17.10 Zoom in on innovative EE solutions: Interior Insulation
Zeno Bastian, Passivhaus Institut

17.20 Zoom in on innovative EE solutions: Ventilation
Pavel Sevela, University of Innsbruck

17.30 A case study: Höttinger School Innsbruck
Gerald Gaigg, Architect Innsbruck [tbc]
Johannes Sima, Austrian Bundesdenkmalamt [tbc]

17.50 Discussion

18.00 Aperitif & open continuation of discussion


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