Annual Iconic Houses Conference 25.11.2014

By DOCOMOMO Belgium / January, 19, 2014 / 0 comments

The Iconic Houses London symposium brought together 170 participants from 15 countries last November to discuss the history, cure preservation, malady and management of 20th century iconic houses. Iconic Houses Network  is proud to announce the next annual gathering, diagnosis taking place in Barcelona, 25 November 2014.


Iconic Houses Network, established in 2012, brings together a great number of modern house museums from all around the world. These houses form together a unique presentation of the 20th century architecture. The iconic houses provide excellent learning opportunities for a wide range of audiences from beginners to professional scholars. They are huge walk-in installations that embrace the visitor by space, light, details, stories, and life once lived in the building. They offer an access to history of architecture and design, history of building techniques and materials and the family history of the architect. Modern house experience must be communicated with care. It’s vital that the interpretation and communication are based on the profound understanding of the materials, the preservation history and preservation philosophy of the site as well as the original creation process.

The Iconic Houses Europe symposium, organised in November 2013 at the V&A Museum in London, brought together nearly 170 participants from 15 countries around those subjects. The talks and discussions featured several case studies as well as topics from experiencing the buildings to communicating the contents to the audiences. Also the challenges of the museum profession were discussed. The Iconic Houses Network is extremely grateful to the Finnish Institute in London and to all the wonderful people and supporters who gave generously their time and resources.
Finally, very special thanks to Susanna Pettersson, the co-founder of the Iconic Houses Network and Eleanna Breza, the producer of the event. Without them this great event would have never happened.

The Iconic Houses Network is proud to announce that Casa Milá, La Pedrera, is hosting the network’s forthcoming conference, due to be held on 25 November 2014 in Barcelona, which will provide an opportunity to establish a fruitful tradition of meetings between the people who work in these remarkable buildings, as well as with the public interested in architecture and heritage. La Pedrera, which has been open to the public as a cultural centre for more than 20 years, recently joined Iconic Houses and is pleased to play an active part in the network. See also the webspecial on La Pedrera or read the Five questions for their cultural director Marga Viza.