DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 36: Other Modernisms: A Selection from the Docomomo Registers

Author: Marieke Kuipers & Panayotis Tournikiotis (guest editors)

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2007)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 30 cm × 1 cm × 21 cm

Pages: 118

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 36 (March 2007)

Introduction: Modernism and the Issue of Otherness by Panayotis Tournikiotis Argentina: Adjusting, Redefining and Innovating Australia: Diversity Downunder Belgium: Religious Modernism Brazil: Mainstream Modern and Parallel Modernities Bulgaria: Vairiations in Town Planning Canada-Quebec: Underground Monuments to Mobility Chile: Exercises in Geography Cuba: Renewing Modernity Through Tradition Cyprus: Of Islands and Otherness Czech Republic: Premodernists and Other Denmark: Of Architecture and Shells Dominican Republic: Tropicalized Otherness Finland: Otherness and Timberness France: Modernism Marginalized Germany: Modernism Across the Spectrum Greece: Greekness Revisited Iberia: On the Boundaires of the Modern Movement Italy: Humanism, Continuity and Modernity Japan: Otherness and the Ripple of Modernism Korea: Technology, Tradition and Anti-Communism Latvia: Merging Functionalism and Eclectism Mexico: Alternative Expressions The Netherlands: The Story of Another Idea Norway: Approaches to Nature and Tradition Panama: Modernisthmus Puerto Rico: The Modern Subject in Puerto Rican Architecture Russia-East: Modernism Repressed, Otherness Blooms Scotland: Basil Spence: The Otherness of Tradition Slovakia: Travertine Modernism Slovenia: Searching for Identity Switzerland: The Case of Rino Tami Turkey: Beyond the Mainstream United Kingdom: Pragmatic and Particular Modernisms in England United States: Outside the Box: The Design Of and For "Other" in Postwar America

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