Preservation Technology Dossier 13

Author: (Editors) Jos Tomlow, Alex Dill, Uta Pottgiesser

Publisher: Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz Zittau, Germany (2014)

Dimensions 210 × 300 mm

Language: English

ISBN: 9783929744897

The ISC/Technology published the Preservation Technology Dossier 13, titled "Perceived Technologies in the Modern Movement 1918-1975". It corresponds to the Proceedings of the 13th International DOCOMOMO Technology Seminar that took place in Karlsruhe, 25-26 January 2013. You can acquire this publication here. Introduction Based on international examples and expertise the conference with the title PERCEIVED TECHNOLOGIES IN THE MODERN MOVEMENT discussed the following questions: How was technology perceived by the designing architects? How was their collaboration with engineers and the selection of adequate building materials and systems as a part of the design process? Where did they find technical tools or where did they miss them, forced to improvise a feasible and economic solution? How and why did technology lead to the uniqueness of the innovative archtectural results? read more: download pdf Contents 4. Welcome Address - Ulrich Nolting 4. Architecture and Technology | Alex Dill (Nr. 2635) 6. Editorial Note and Preface | Jos Tomlow, Alex Dill, Uta Pottgiesser 8. Matter and Time - Perspective of Technology | DOCOMOMO ISC-T (Nr. 2636) 9. The Grossmarkthalle in Frankfurt/Main – An early reinforced concrete shell structure | Horst Peseke, Manfred Grohmann, Klaus Bollinger (Frankfurt/Main) (Nr. 2637) 18. Bauhaus and the new technologies for „home building and home furnishing"  | Wolfgang Thöner (Dessau) (Nr. 2638) 27. The Buildings of Russian Constructivism (Moscow, 1919-32) and the Technology Transfer  | Anke Zalivako (Berlin/Moscow) (Nr. 2639) 36. New Movement and Technology in the Netherland  | Jan Molema (Delft) (Nr. 2640) 45. The glass façade and the heating system of the Salvation Army “City of refuge”: from conception to restoration | Emmanuelle Gallo, Vanessa Fernandez (Paris) (Nr. 2641) 56. Brazilian Engineering and Joaquim Cardozo’s contribution to Oscar Niemeyer’s Architecture | Danilo Matoso Macedo, Elcio Gomes da Silva (Brasilia) (Nr. 2642) 64. John Lautner (1911 - 1994) | Frank Escher (Los Angeles) (Nr. 2643) 72. Foster and Rogers – The start of British High Tech | Colin Davies (London) (Nr. 2644) 78. Frei Otto – Executing High Tech concepts | Christine Otto-Kanstinger (Warmbronn) (Nr. 2645) 85. Authors & Editors