DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 39: Postwar Mass Housing

Author: Miles Glendinning (guest editor), Graeme Stewart, Florian Urban,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2008)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 98

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 39 (September 2008):

Articles: Introduction:  Ennobling the Ordinary: Postwar Mass Housing and the Challenge of Change by Miles Glendinning

Documentation: 1. International Survey: Les Courtillières: Ordinary Housing Project - Extraordinary History? by the Research Group for History of Contemporary Housing Prefab Russia by Florian Urban The Suburban Tower and Toronto’s Legacy of Modern Housing by Graeme Stewart Brasilia’s Superquadras by Richard Williams Finding Housing: Singapore, International Exemplar of "Positive Public Housing" by Belinda Yuen

2. Inventorization and Recording: The Cumbernauld: New Town Research and Inventory Project, 2006–9 by Diane M. Watters & Jessica Taylor Exploring the Soviet "Golden Home" Project: The "Reworking Modern Architecture" Workshop in Pärnu by Mart Kalm Doing Building Work: The Un-making of Red Road by Jane M. Jacobs, Stephen Cairn & Ignaz Strebel

Conservation: 1. Preservation Strategy: The Van Eesteren Museum: A Protected Fragment of Amsterdam’s Geuzenveld-Slotermeer Postwar District by Vincent van Rossem Making Better Places Through Heritage Designation? The Byker Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne by Rose Gilroy, John Pendlebury & Tim Townshend

2. Intervention Strategy: Grass and Concrete: Regenerating Amsterdam’s Westlijke Tuinsteden by Wouter Veldhuis The Rhythm of Renewal by Arjan Hebly Three Projects for the Renewal of the Modern City by Endry van Velzen

Technical Issues: Le Corbusier’s La Roche–Jeanneret Houses: Issues of Restoration by Tiziano Aglieri Rinella

Tributes: Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente (1931–2008) by Maximiano Atria — Paul Overy

Book Reviews: Elain Harwood & Alan Powers: Housing the Twentieth Century Nation by Diane M. Watters Paola Di Biagi: The Public City: Social Housing and Urban Redevelopment in Turin by Alice Sotgia Theodore H. M. Prudon: Preservation of Modern Architecture by Claude Armstrong Monika Markgraf: Archaeology of Modernism: Renovation Bauhaus Dessau by Hartwig Schmidt Lucie Cometta-Colas: Le SITI: Atelier de Montrouge by Jean-Paul Midant