DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 29: Modernism in Asia Pacific

Author: Sheridan Burke (guest editor), Richard Beaudry, Claire Bonney,

Publisher: DOCOMOMO International Paris (2003)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 21 cm × 1 cm × 30 cm

Pages: 104

Language: English

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Docomomo Journal 29 (September 2003)

Docomomo News


Contributions: Qantas House, Sydney: Transition and Variation in Regional Responses to Modernism by Geoff Ashley Neutral Neutra: Modern Rentsch House for Sale in the Swiss Alps by Claire Bonney The Campus of Laval University in Quebec: From Beaux-Arts to Modernism by Marc Grignon & Richard Beaudry Endangered Heritage: Enrique Del Moral’s House by Raquel Franklin Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz Warszawianka Building in Zegiestów: Conservation for a Better Future by Tomas Sliwinski The Chiyoda Life Insurance Company Headquarters in Tokyo: An Example of a Famous Postwar Complex Surviving With a New Role and Function by Hiroyasu Fujioka

Articles: Conserving and Documenting Modernism: The Asia Pacific Experience by Sheridan Burke Modern Architecture in New Zealand by Paul Walker A Critical Eye Toward Japanese Modern Architecture: Introspection Throug Memoirs from Forty Years Ago by Kenji Watanabe Modernism in Singapore by Johannes Widodo Modernism and Australian Architecture: Part of the Critical Filter by Philip Goad Conserving the Modern in Australia: A Pragmatic Approach by Susan MacDonald Hybrid Modernities and Tropical Architecture in Southeast Asia by Jiat-Hwee Chang The Jengki Style in Bandung, Indonesia by Frances B. Affandy Tianjin, a European Architectural Enclave by Miles Lewis Napier, New Zealand: Preservation by Appreciation by Robert McGregor Art Deco in Manila: The Far Eastern University Campus by Augusto Villalón

Technical: The Restoration of Viipuri Library: An International Pilot Project by Maija Kairamo

Book Reviews: Gérard Monnier & Richard Klein: Les Années ZUP: Architectures de la Croissance 1960–1973 by Christine Mengin Els Claessens, Marieke Kuipers, Mariël Polman & Luc Verpoest: Modern Colour Technology: Ideals and Conservation by Mariël Polman